Friday, July 3, 2015

New Post after a long time .
Lets start with a new drawing by me to make the comeback official .Happy 2015 then .

The Samurai looks insignificant in his black dragon armor series of drawings 2015

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Field Recording Equipment 1

These days i am in the process of gothering information for field recording equipment .
Some of my best choices are :


1. Zoom H4N   

~ 240 euro from Thomann 

press here for a review of Zoom H4N

2.Zoom H6

~ 380 euro from Thomann 

press here for a review of Zoom H6


3.Zoom H2N
~ 130 euro from Thomann 

press here for a review of Zoom  H2N

4. Edirol  R88

press here for a review 

see thomann   price 

5. Edirol R44 

press here for a review 

see thomann price  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

41/415 (2013)

41/415 - 10' (2013)
2 channels - fixed media with visuals
maria aristotelous

the media.the interface.the score.time

this piece evolves around the idea of time as a collective space,
a space united ambigously with the visual abstract dimension through a score.explorations of the duality of dynamics in the relationship: media - interface - score - drawing.

here is a link to my website where you can find more info and the soundfile:

Maria Aristotelous - sounds

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some notes on Graphic notation

This is a link i ve been reading recently about graphic notation which i find interesting..

reading sound

to be continued....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Towards the absolute abstraction

Due to my observation that sound IS THE ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT MEDIUM due to its independency from the restrictions of vision .No visual form as abstract it might be can be experienced 
as such cause the human mind NEEDS to categorize everything it sees  in order for the self to be safe...
so horizontal forms are being perceived as landscapes and vertical forms as people or animals etc .
Only Jackson Pollock managed to get pass of this restriction by eliminating the verticality of the easel.
Painting directly on the floor using dripping instead of the use of brushes softened the representative effect but nevertheless the vision restriction of logic was there.
A note : In order for an artist to develop his own personal (visual?) language the first step is to get pass
the impact of years and years logical transformations that the artist had after his childhood.Part of the training of a kid is to become familiar and attached to the real world .Part of this transformation is the changes that happen in the drawings of children through the different stages. With the exception of artists that kept their active imagination through childhood until they became adults, we the rest of artists saw our childhood imaginative drawings changing in to what i can call typical representations of the outer real world.So the first step is to reverse this - and one method is to get rid of vision ... with for instance drawing with in complete darkness , or make fast drawings that allows you to get the first impressions of things in a non so logical way.
And by saying that i started already the process of using the wave field system  and purely electronics
sounds in order to try to make abstract sound drawings / that is drawing in space with sound as a medium.I think this system is ideal for such an experiment .

screenshot of the first experiment
By using it for this first time - i kind of realized what are its strengths and what are its weak spots.
And after discussions with Edwin van der Heide on the spacial interaction matter and with Johan van Kreij on the sonic part, i came to the conclusion that i will approach this in 2 ways :
1.the sounds are more static and the visitor is making the drawing by his movement.
2.the visitor doesnt move and the drawing is being made by the sound movement itself.

1.WFS first experiment. session using many one spot sound sources and 2-3 random or cyrcle paths.This is a stereo field recording in the room with the 2 condenser mics in the middle of the room and static.another experiment will follow with DPA mics and me moving in space while i am recording.This is a set of experiment in order to approach the WFS as a painter , drawing thus sounds in the moment the sound result doesnt differ from a music electronic piece.

note: for one of the sounds i used a maurizio giri patch so he must be credited.

update:  i have made a rough sketch with all the positions of the sound sources and also the positions of the sound walks....

i will use this to make a drawing of the sound events through the piece.

update : and this is the drawing .
                note that i made this strictly based on the spacialization and sound characteristics and i paid little attention            
                to the aesthetics of the drawing / no corrections i mean .


Friday, November 30, 2012

Untitled ( 2012) / Improvisation

Improvisors :

Maria Aristotelous 
Richard Barrett
Kathrin Grenzdorffer
Younes Riad
Ekkehard Windrich

This piece is evolving around 2 graphic scores , 5 players and a Drone .The Drone as the continuity of time...
The Collective memory, when and where events may or may not happen.The Events are spontaneously and
individually activated but are also being driven by the impact of the Collective Drone.THIS IS A DREAM...

The drawings/graphic scores used through the whole process were :

Monday, November 26, 2012

2 Discussion Concert

At the institute of sonology den haag    

arnold schoenbergzaal
koninklijk conservatorium the haag
juliana van stolberglaan 1
2595 ca den haag